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Re: [IPk] Exercise!

It's a nightmare trying to figure it out, isn't it? It tooks me weeks
to figure out how to deal with dancing. And that's still hit and miss
because each class varies considerably, so even though I adjust as I
go along, it doesn't always work. But I never go high or low

You say you go quite low during or after most exercise. have you tried
eating or drinking some *fast* carbs 5 mins. before starting? That
seems to work for me, in conjunction with switchign off (or turnign
down) my pump half an hour before. It also sounds as if you might need
ot turn down your pump a bit more before and during your
exercise. Or have you tried that already? I know I get a bit
furstrated when people suggest things like that to me, because I've
tried just about every combination of alternatives already! But I have
to say it's a lot better than trying to do it on MDI! The other
problem is of course that if you're trying to lose weight, you don't
want to be taking in extra carbs, even if it's only glucose tabs (yum
- NOT).

Swimming tends to drop my Bg hugely, even though I only swim for 30
mins. Yesterday, in spite of switching off the pump half an hour
before, I dropped from 10 to 3 in 20 mins.

Oh, the other obvious thing is to be aware of whether you've take a
bolus recently. If I exercise while a bolus is still active, even
quite minor exercise,  it always
makes me crash right down. Again, you've probably thought of this too.

Glad you're finding the Sils better. It took me a while to get the hang
of inserting them so they didn't bend, but now I have almost no
trouble with them as long as I stick to the stomach and hip area
(though I am tempted to have another go at the arm!).


> I am the same as you with the problem of different exercise gives different 
> bgs afterwards.  If I do 45 mins of machines(gym) and weights, I give myself 
> 0.7 basal rate (normal day basal is 1.5) and drink orange juice all the way 
> through.  Afterwards my bgs are 3-4.  If I swim or do aerobics then I'm 
> usually low during and afterwards and have not found out how to avoid them.  
> I leave my pump on at all times except swimming, in which case I bolus half 
> of my normal half hour basal rate before I swim and then return to normal 
> basal when I get out.  I also eat wine gums before swimming.  Still low when 
> I get out, I think the problem lies with how fast, slow, different strokes 
> you may do that changes the bgs afterwards.
> Since starting to exercise I have low bgs between 5 - 8 pm, hence on seeing 
> the doctor he told me not to bolus for my evening meal, and yes without my 
> bolus my bgs are OK!!  I still can't get over not having to bolus.  He also 
> advised eating a slice of bread or  yogurt or porridge before exercising, 
> hence giving long term carb in the blood stream.  I tried this and found 
> myself 10 - 12 before exercise and hypo afterwards!
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