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[IPk] Exercise!


I am the same as you with the problem of different exercise gives different 
bgs afterwards.  If I do 45 mins of machines(gym) and weights, I give myself 
0.7 basal rate (normal day basal is 1.5) and drink orange juice all the way 
through.  Afterwards my bgs are 3-4.  If I swim or do aerobics then I'm 
usually low during and afterwards and have not found out how to avoid them.  
I leave my pump on at all times except swimming, in which case I bolus half 
of my normal half hour basal rate before I swim and then return to normal 
basal when I get out.  I also eat wine gums before swimming.  Still low when 
I get out, I think the problem lies with how fast, slow, different strokes 
you may do that changes the bgs afterwards.

Since starting to exercise I have low bgs between 5 - 8 pm, hence on seeing 
the doctor he told me not to bolus for my evening meal, and yes without my 
bolus my bgs are OK!!  I still can't get over not having to bolus.  He also 
advised eating a slice of bread or  yogurt or porridge before exercising, 
hence giving long term carb in the blood stream.  I tried this and found 
myself 10 - 12 before exercise and hypo afterwards!

On with the battle of finding a balance for our exercising problems!!!  

I've been using the silhouettes for  a week now and my skin is much improved 
even after 3 days without changing.  I should have changed a long time ago to 
It freaked me thoughtwhen I had blood in the cannula, but from other pumpers 
it seems to be one of those things.
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