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Re: [IPk] refilling the cannula

> If you're facing a situation where your insulin requirement may change
> dramatically but unpredictably, it may be time to make some compromises:
> don't do whatever makes the situation unstable/accept a brief high bg when
> it happens/take the insulin but be very vigilant and catch the hypo before
> it becomes severe. Or steer some mid-course.
> But knowing you, you won't give up without a fight! Me neither... :-)
> John

You know me too well :-)
Besides, I'm fast running out of options exercise-wise.
I think some serious experimenting and testing is called for, as it's
getting to be really annoying dealing with the unpredictable
highs/lows after exercise. If it's simply the exercise rebound thing,
then there's not much I can do except deal with it when it
happens. but I'm still convinced there's another explanation out

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