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Re: [IPk] refilling the cannula

>The thing is, it all works perfectly when i dance, because I don't
>disconnect the pump (though sometimes I run it on 0.1). Which is why I
>think it is the cannula problem. But since I'm going to be running on
>no insulin anyway, it's easier to disconnect it than deal with having
>it attached when I'm exercising.

Di, who's Jack?! Do you mean Simon? :-)

Have I understood this right? You're using a Tender/Silhouette. You're
wondering if the Humalog in the inch catheter (0.6 units?) empties itself
into your body whilst you're disconnected and exercising?

My first thought is how can the Humalog get out? It has to be replaced with
something, unless the tubing collapses entirely. Since the rubber stopper
is self-sealing, you can't get any air in. So the Humalogwould just sit
there. On the other hand, the Humalog could mix with bodily fluid under the
skin (interstitial fluid, blood etc), so the Humalog could conceivably seep
out as it mixes. I'm guessing here. Also, since Humalog is attracted to fat
- that's why it gets absorbed so quickly - the process could be somewhat
faster than expected...

So, possibly - dunno really!

Simon - I remember last September you mentioned how they had given you
Actrapid intravenously to establish your basal, and you needed no insulin
at all between 00:00 and 03:00. So it sounds possible to have a zero
insulin requirement at certain times of the day.


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