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[IPk] refilling the cannula

I often seem to have problems with very high Bgs after exercise, and
it's only just occurred to me why it might be.

For things like aerobics or swimming, I switch off the pump about half
an hour before, and then disconnect when I start doing whatever it
is. Even if I bolus a unit afterwards (first making sure insulin is
coming out of the needle) I still often go high. I was presuming it
was a rebound high from the exercise. But could it be that
I need to reprime the cannula (for which I normally use 1 unit)? If
the pump has been off for an hour, or more, then I imagine the insulin
will have drained out of the cannula by this time. Seems obvious, but
it never occurred to me, and noone ever thought to mention this. Or
have I overlooked something vital here?


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