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Re: [IPk] Site deterioration?

>U think I'm seeing signs of site deterioration after 3 days.
>Last night at 6.30pm  my Bg was 9, took .8 unit to bring it down to around
>6, went to the pub,
>had two vodka and diet Cokes (some hilarity ensuing as my Russian friend asked
>for diet vodka instead of diet coke for me!)
>2 hours later on my way home I tested and was at 17.9!

Di - I had a similar strange occurence yesterday. Do you suppose it was a
cosmic storm? ;-)

I had an unusually high bg - 14.9 - Thursday lunchtime. I had spent 2 hours
that morning being physically assaulted in the dentist's chair. I had 2
teeth drilled out down to the stub, prior to having crowns fitted next
week. All in all, very stressful. This *might* have explained the 14.9.

The last night my after-dinner bg quite exceptionally peeked at 19. Even
better than your 17.9! Various possibilities: there has been a 12-hour head
cold going around, and it hit me yesterday. I also had a very long hot bath
before dinner (to steam off the cold etc), and this can sometimes cause my
bg to do strange things. Then I also drank quite a lot of dry white wine
with dinner, which can also cause sharp spikes. Or is my new NovoRapid
insulin not working properly? Who can say? Watch this space :-)

I'm currently changing sets daily, so absorbtion problems shouldn't be an

>I'm still puzzled as to
>what happens to the insulin in this case. Where does it go???

You may have an over-simplified view of what insulin is and how it works.
Perhaps some of the proper insulin experts here could chip in... From what
I understand, the insulin can get denatured in the fat by various enzymes,
at which point it becomes junk, and gets carted off appropriately. Don't
know if that makes any sense...

(who's having great bg's today :-)

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