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[IPk] Site deterioration?

U think I'm seeing signs of site deterioration after 3 days.
Last night at 6.30pm  my Bg was 9, took .8 unit to bring it down to around 6, went to the pub,
had two vodka and diet Cokes (some hilarity ensuing as my Russian friend asked
for diet vodka instead of diet coke for me!)
2 hours later on my way home I tested and was at 17.9!
Now, the coke tasted like diet to me, and after all the banter at the bar
I'm sure he did give me diet coke. Vodka never normally does anything
strange to me either.  Corrected for the high, had a meal of salad and
cheese, tested again 2 hours later - 16.8! Everything seemed to be
fine with the pump, but the site was 3 days old. Things seem to be
back to normal now so I'm guessing it was the site, but it seems odd
that it would have a sudden effect like that and not a gradual
one. However, I have had high Bgs before when my site has been old,
but they've mostly been mroe gradual ones. I'm still puzzled as to
what happens to the insulin in this case. Where does it go???


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