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Re: [IPk] Welcome note from John Neale

> Also my DSN warned me that it is possible to bend the little stubby needle
> bit whilst coupling the connection device, and in doing so the needle can
> end up spewing insulin into thin air, so the no delivery alarm doesn't get
> set off.
> I attempted to achieve this myself on an old coupling. And indeed it it
> true: if you  are REALLY ham-fisted, and stuff the two ends together in the
> most unbelievable clumsy way, you can indeed achieve this remarkable feat.

Might be a problem for me since I do it by feel. Is the disconnect bit like the Sofset ones or like the Silhouette ones? Or like neither?

> But admittedly the device doesn't snap together or even sit straight when
> you've mangled it like this. So you've got to be fairly irresponsible to
> not notice something is amiss...

Coming from someone who didn't notice his set wasn't connected *at all*
for half a day??? (sorry, couldn't resist that one!)

Hmm, I've noticed on a couple of occasions that the disconnect on the
Silhouette has actually come undone. Didn't realise until later. I
either didn't snap it together quite properly, or it caught on a bit
of clothing or something.

It's probably as well to be aware of this bending problem 
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