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Re: [IPk] Welcome note from John Neale

>No, I haven't. Are the Quick Release ones available over here yet?
>If so, I woudl like to have a go with them.

Interesting news from Disetronic today: their main German supply centre
have "sold out" of 8mm disconnectable Rapids. They claim this is due to
unexpected demand (?), although they have plenty of the less popular 6mm,
10mm, & 12mm. I personally wonder if canny German users have been stocking
up to preempt any millennium supply problem, and in doing so have created
exactly such a problem?

Also my DSN warned me that it is possible to bend the little stubby needle
bit whilst coupling the connection device, and in doing so the needle can
end up spewing insulin into thin air, so the no delivery alarm doesn't get
set off.

I attempted to achieve this myself on an old coupling. And indeed it it
true: if you  are REALLY ham-fisted, and stuff the two ends together in the
most unbelievable clumsy way, you can indeed achieve this remarkable feat.
But admittedly the device doesn't snap together or even sit straight when
you've mangled it like this. So you've got to be fairly irresponsible to
not notice something is amiss...


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