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Re: [IPk] Welcome note from John Neale

> I am having a few skin problems and have changed to the silhouette sets a 
> couple of days ago, do you use them or have any knowledge of them?  My skin 
> on my stomach has to rest for a year (or so the doctor says) and have changed 
> to my thighs, but even the skin there is becoming slower to heal between 
> catheter changes.  I do use a protective wipe onthe skin before the catheter 
> is inserted.

hi Christine
I find the Silhouette leaves much less of a gaping hole than the
Sofsets. I wonder if you might find that *not* using a protective wipe
would be better from that point of view? I don't use anything first
(though if you're prone to infection and/or allergy you might need
to). I prefer rotating the sites a bit more but find that the thighs
or buttocks tend to have dodgy absorption. The hip area is usually OK though.

it did take me a while to get good at putting in the Silhouettes, but
I much prefer them to the Sofsets. Not so sure about the Rapids


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