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Re: [IPk] Welcome note from John Neale

Hi Christine :-)

I do remember you now... I think!!!

>Thanks for the welcome, I may have met you up at the exhibition in Oxford
>recently.  I was helping John Davis on the Input stand.  I had the 507C for a
>month because my 506 was being repaired, would prefer to change but can't
>afford it at the moment.

Have you seen the new 508? They're available in the US, but someone told me
they wouldn't be available in Europe till next year. Can anyone confirm
that? It has a remote control to hang on your keyring, so you don't have to
fish your pump out from where ever you've secreted it in order to give
yourself a bolus. What will they think of next? :-)

>I am having a few skin problems and have changed to the silhouette sets a
>couple of days ago, do you use them or have any knowledge of them?  My skin
>on my stomach has to rest for a year (or so the doctor says) and have changed
>to my thighs, but even the skin there is becoming slower to heal between
>catheter changes.  I do use a protective wipe onthe skin before the catheter
>is inserted.  At least the silhouettte has less adhesive area than the
>sof-set QR catheters so am hoping that will help.

I have skin problems too. I am very fair skinned, and get allergic rashes
easily. I found the original SofSet adhesive pad left a terribel weal on my
skin. The later "improved" version simply fell off. For the last year I've
been using Tenders - which is the same product as the Silhouette - but
marketted by Disetronic. Generally I have been very happy with it: it stays
on securely, but comes off easily when you want to remove it. But recently
I've started to get a rash around the outside of the pad, and the wound
doesn't heal so rapidly (or am I just getting paranoid?). So now I'm using
Rapids - they're sold by Disetronic. The new Rapid D's have a disconnection
on the tuning, rather like the SofSetQR. So far, so good... It has a very
fine 28G needle, and is handy for putting in "awkward" places!

>When I disconnect from the
>silhouette, do I have to slot the plastic cover in place before I shower or
>swim?  Any helpful hints would be appreciated.

I've been advised that it is only necessary to put the covers on if you are
somewhere very dirty, like on the beach... seems sensible!

All the best


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