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Re: [IPk] Into the blood

>Incidentally, do any of you find as I do that blood seeps back up the
>catheter when you reduce the basal rate below a certain value? This would be
>another possible reason for needing a bolus after exercise as some have
>remarked, in addition to the more obvious one of having reduced the basal
>rate too late, or overcompensating on the CHO front.

Simon -

What catheters do you use? Do you use the bent needles? It's possible that
they are causing bleeding under the skin. As you say, once the flow gets
below a certain rate, the natural mixing of blood and insulin will cause
the blood to appear to seep back up the tubing.

I've been using Tenders for the last year, with a flexible teflon catheter.
These are reputed to cause less damage under the skin due to movement, and
might reduce bleeding.

But recently I've switched over to 8mm Rapids with the thin steel needle
that goes straight in. Combined with the new quick-disconnect facility, I
love them. I change every one or two days. They are very "rapid" to change,
and I bolus 2.3 units to fill the 10cm lead between the disconnector and
the tip of the needle.


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