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Re: [IPk] Into the blood (was: Post meal BGs)

> building up the basal rate prior to meals to cope with the initial surge of
> BG, even if you use Humalog. 

I've never heard of this one before. 
That would destroy the whole point of the spontaneity thing.
I've never found it necessary either.
If Humalog takes a long tie to start working for you, can you not just
take the bolus earlier?

Personally I don't see the need for a faster reduction for highs. I
know some people give an intramuscular injection to bring it down
faster, which I think is relatively safe, though I've nevr tried this.

Humalog works fast for me. I can bring down a high of 15 down to 5
> within a hour without crashing afterwards. usually, anyway.

> This ties in to the comments made by correspondents concerning exercising:
> my experience with my modest half hour evening jog is that I should have
> made all the adjustments to dosage well in advance of commencing the
> exercise to achieve the best control  - a reduction in basal rate at least 2
> hours before on Humalog. By the time I start exercising I put the rate back
> to normal because it will not affect my blood sugar during or for some time
> after the run.

Looks like Humalog works much more quickly for me. If I stopped my
pump 2 hours before exercising, I could easily be in the 20s by the
time I started!
> Incidentally, do any of you find as I do that blood seeps back up the
> catheter when you reduce the basal rate below a certain value? 

No, I have never ever had blood in my catheter, no matter what I do.

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