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Re: [IPk] How vulnerable are we?

 On the surface, my mum isnbt the slightest bit worried about COVID-19 as she
doesnbt really go out anyway! But maybe subconsciously itbs affecting people.
Either that or therebs something in the air at the moment along with the COVID
germs. New conspiracy theory anyone? :-) :-)
 Sorry to hear about your mum too Nanette - it sounds very similar to my mum. We
video chat via the carerbs phone, but to be honest Ibm not sure if itbs any
more beneficial than just phoning normally, as she mostly just waves the phone
around anyway!

 > On 13 May 2020, at 06:22, Nanette Freedman
<email @ redacted> wrote:
> Di sorry to hear about situation with your mum. With the onset of lockdown in
> the care home my 99 year old mum, previously showing slight tendency to
> increased anxiety episodes over last year or two, suddenly deteriorated very
> rapidly to needing 24 hour care. Also suffering from paranoia and delusions.
> With some lucid times. Zoom conversations organized with help from wonderful
> carer really help bring her out of the suffering and give her some joy.
> I heard from management of care home that lockdown has pushed many over the
> edge sadly the question is whether this will be reversible.
> Nanette (with my own little patches of panic)
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