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Re: [IPk] How vulnerable are we?


 So very sad to hear of your mum's distress and confusion. Technology is helpful
to some like your mum but others seem not to realise they are speaking with
people and not a film etc. I do hope this is a temporary reaction.

 This pandemic and the restrictions necessary have thrown so many for whom
routine means safety, security and sense -or some sort of it. The Alzheimerbs
Society (and Autistic one) are saying this is very common. A friend with an
anxiety disorder is living in a permanent state of panic regardless of what we
all try to do. There are so many others suffering and those heedlessly breaking
rules make it worse for them. I dread to think what will happen today here in
England as opposed to the UK with the slight easing of rules.

 Nanette you have the spider. I have ducks and currently rats! Just bought more
lockable bait traps etc. One neighbour has a garden full of caged birds with
some hygiene issues! I only have one feeder now hanging from the eves outside my
living room window and it is the domed type.

Back to the routine of living with diabetes.

Best wishes one and all,


 > On 13 May 2020, at 06:27, Nanette Freedman
<email @ redacted> wrote:
 > As for wildlife we have been visited by a giant spider (brought in by cat)
> neighbours have seen rats. Ibd prefer ducks and messy birds!
> Nanette 
> Sent from my iPhone
>> On 12 May 2020, at 17:49, Diana G Maynard
> <email @ redacted> wrote:
>> o;?hi Rhoda
>> Indeed, me too!
>> As for the birds, I wonder if itbs something to do with the quietness of
 >> lockdown but they are currently pooing all over my patio and my garden
>> :-(
>> They never used to!
>> Di
>>>> On 12 May 2020, at 12:19, Rhoda Martin
>>> <email @ redacted> wrote:
>>> Di, I'm so relieved that your mother is going into a Care home from
> tomorrow.
>>> That will ease some of the pressure on you too, although as we know it just
>>> seems to change. Keep up your activities one and all.
 >>> One totally unrelated query: when birds have the entire area to roam in,
>>> does a pair of blackbirds come and sit on the back of the balcony railing
 >>> outside my living room window - naturally directly opposite from where I
>> -
>>> feed from my hanging feeder, then return to the balcony rail and look out
>> over
>>> my garden before doing you know what!
>>> Rhoda
>>>> On 12 May 2020, at 11:53, Diana G Maynard
>>> <email @ redacted> wrote:
>>>> Thatbs the spirit!
>>>> My stepmother, who is 80 and has secondary liver cancer, has decided to
> stop
>>>> having chemo (she was due for her 3rd round when the lockdown started).
>>> Shebs
>>>> far from bed-ridden and enjoys getting out for walks, gardening, and
> driving
>>>> around visiting people and places. She decided exactly that she wanted to
>>> live
>>>> rather than stay alive, and I agree with her. Unlike - sadly - my 79-year
>> old
>>>> mother, who has very challenging age-related mental health issues
> (including
>>>> extreme paranoia and more recently, hallucinations) and does not want to
>> live
>>> or
>>>> stay alive! Webve finally managed to get her into a care home from
>> tomorrow.
>>>> Neither have diabetes incidentally.
>>>> Everyone has different priorities. But seeing my Mum go through the last
> few
 >>>> months, I definitely want to die living rather than end up in her
>>>> which is really quite horrific. She always said that too, but we canbt
> just
>>>> kill her now!
>>>> Di
>>>>> On 12 May 2020, at 11:39, Steve Boorman
>>>> <email @ redacted> wrote:
 >>>>> Yes, thank you Di, go for it! I am over 70 which undoubtedly increases
>>>>> risk (my partner works on immunology, and we don't understand why our
>>>>> immune responses to covid are less effective with age), but jogging round
>>>>> the common is essential. In the end, I am more interested in living than
> in
>>>>> staying alive, but am restrained by social responsibilities. I have no
>>>>> problem about managing my risk, but with viral infection, we have to
> manage
>>>>> other people's risk.
>>>>> Steve
>>>>> On Tue, 12 May 2020 at 09:03, Diana G Maynard <
>>>>> email @ redacted> wrote:
 >>>>>> well yes, none of us want to get it, and I encourage everyone to abide
 >>>>>> government guidelines and keep away from others etc. But I donb t
>>>>>> we are
>>>>>> at higher risk than the rest of the population (if web re fit and
> healthy)
>>>>>> so I
>>>>>> meant simply that I wouldnb t be worried *because* we have diabetes, as
>>>>>> many
>>>>>> are. Most healthy people here are not shielding but just taking sensible
 >>>>>> precautions. But yes, up to everyone to decide on their level of risk.
>>>>>> control and mental health would be far worse if I didnb t go out daily
> for
>>>>>> proper exercise and fresh air
>>>>>> Di
>>>>>> Sent from my iPad
>>>>>>> On 12 May 2020, at 02:26, michael <email @ redacted> wrote:
>>>>>>> o;?I would not go as far as to say there is no need to self isolate. My
>>>>>>> daughter and her BF had Covid (New Yorkers) and both said it was
>>>>>>> really rough. They are 30-somethings. Daisy issues her conclusion as
>>>>>>> a molecular biologist so she has some insight into how the virus
>>>>>>> works and what the effects on her body mean. She said it was
>>>>>>> difficult to walk up the stairs for about a week, and it took several
>>>>>>> weeks after recovery for her to regain most of her former stamina.
>>>>>>> This is a kid that runs 4 miles a day for fun so "quite healthy" to
>>>>>>> start.
>>>>>>> I agree, most of us will recover OK from covid but there is no need
>>>>>>> to invite it by not adhering to social-distancing guide-lines. I'm
>>>>>>> sure I would recover from the season flu if I got it but I still get
>>>>>>> vaccinated every year to avoid infection and possible complications.
>>>>>>> Your mileage may very as they say....
>>>>>>> Michael
>>>>>>>> If you only have T1D and no other conditions (and are under 70 and
>>>>>>>> generally
>>>>>>>> healthy), thereb_s really no need to self-isolate unless you know you
>>>>>>>> have a particularly bad reaction to viruses etc. So I wouldnb_t worry
>>>>>>>> too much. Di
>>>>>>>>> On 7 May 2020, at 16:30, Ruth Gibbins
>>>>>>>> <email @ redacted> wrote:
>>>>>>>>> Hi Gema,
>>>>>>>>> Ib_ve been asking the same question! Ib_ve got Type 1, yes but
>>>>>>>> nothing else.
>>>>>>>> My
>>>>>>>>> husband and I both self isolated early March before the lockdown. I
>>>>>>>> was
>>>>>>>> unsure
>>>>>>>>> whether I should or not, but my hubby bless him is terrified that I
>>>>>>>> will get
>>>>>>>> it
>>>>>>>>> and die, and if he went out to the shops he would bring the virus
>>>>>>>> home, so
>>>>>>>> for a
>>>>>>>>> while we lived on what we had.
>>>>>>>>> Web_ve now got a local veg shop from 7 miles away delivering veg
>>>>>>>> locally once
>>>>>>>> a
>>>>>>>>> week. (we live in the Herefordshire countryside with only one local
>>>>>>>> post
>>>>>>>> office
>>>>>>>>> and general store 3 miles away.) Everything is washed on arrival in
>>>>>>>>> the porch and post is put into quarantine for 24hrs.
>>>>>>>>> Our neighbour is over 80 and also self isolating. Web_ve been able
>>>>>>>> to get
>>>>>>>> just
>>>>>>>>> the 2 Tesco deliveries for us and her, after I stayed up until
>>>>>>>>> midnight three
>>>>>>>>> days a week with no result, then logging in every couple of hours
>>>>>>>> for the
>>>>>>>> rest
>>>>>>>>> of the week. I eventually found a slot at 6am. Fortunately we heard
>>>>>>>> that a
>>>>>>>> local
>>>>>>>>> garden centre had started doing a shop and collect service, so we
>>>>>>>> pay online
>>>>>>>> and
>>>>>>>>> they give us a time to arrive - itb_s a bit hit and miss as to
>>>>>>>> whether
>>>>>>>> theyb_ve
>>>>>>>>> got what we asked for, and itb_s expensive but itb_s better than
>>>>>>>>> nothing. My
>>>>>>>>> husband wonb_t go to the local shop- itb_s tiny and they donb_t
>>>>>>>> limit
>>>>>>>> customers.
>>>>>>>>> Ib_ve seen some type 1b_s posting online that they are still going
>>>>>>>> to work
>>>>>>>> etc,
>>>>>>>>> but I feel web_ve been a bit left out in the cold - should I have
>>>>>>>> locked
>>>>>>>> myself
>>>>>>>>> away for 2 1/2 months? Ib_ve been busy - very busy, making scrubs
>>>>>>>>> for health
>>>>>>>>> workers which has kept me occupied but that seems to be winding
>>>>>>>> down a bit
>>>>>>>> now.
>>>>>>>>> Ib_ve been out on my bike round the country lanes and out for walks
>>>>>>>> but Ib_ve
>>>>>>>> no
>>>>>>>>> idea what itb_s like in the outside world, in fact I wonder how
>>>>>>>> Ib_ll cope
>>>>>>>> going
>>>>>>>>> back out again- Ib_ve no idea if we should wear masks or not, or how
>>>>>>>>> I should behave around others. I havenb_t much confidence in what
>>>>>>>>> the government are telling us, or if indeed we are at higher risk.
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