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Re: [IPk] How vulnerable are we?

hi Rhoda
Indeed, me too!

 As for the birds, I wonder if itbs something to do with the quietness of
lockdown but they are currently pooing all over my patio and my garden chairs
They never used to!

 > On 12 May 2020, at 12:19, Rhoda Martin
<email @ redacted> wrote:
> Di, I'm so relieved that your mother is going into a Care home from tomorrow.
> That will ease some of the pressure on you too, although as we know it just
> seems to change. Keep up your activities one and all.
> One totally unrelated query: when birds have the entire area to roam in, why
> does a pair of blackbirds come and sit on the back of the balcony railing
 > outside my living room window - naturally directly opposite from where I sit
 > feed from my hanging feeder, then return to the balcony rail and look out
> my garden before doing you know what!
> Rhoda
>> On 12 May 2020, at 11:53, Diana G Maynard
> <email @ redacted> wrote:
>> Thatbs the spirit! 
>> My stepmother, who is 80 and has secondary liver cancer, has decided to stop
>> having chemo (she was due for her 3rd round when the lockdown started).
> Shebs
>> far from bed-ridden and enjoys getting out for walks, gardening, and driving
>> around visiting people and places. She decided exactly that she wanted to
> live
 >> rather than stay alive, and I agree with her. Unlike - sadly - my 79-year
>> mother, who has very challenging age-related mental health issues (including
 >> extreme paranoia and more recently, hallucinations) and does not want to
> or
 >> stay alive! Webve finally managed to get her into a care home from
>> Neither have diabetes incidentally.
>> Everyone has different priorities. But seeing my Mum go through the last few
>> months, I definitely want to die living rather than end up in her situation
>> which is really quite horrific. She always said that too, but we canbt just
>> kill her now!
>> Di
>>> On 12 May 2020, at 11:39, Steve Boorman
>> <email @ redacted> wrote:
>>> Yes, thank you Di, go for it! I am over 70 which undoubtedly increases the
>>> risk (my partner works on immunology, and we don't understand why our
>>> immune responses to covid are less effective with age), but jogging round
>>> the common is essential. In the end, I am more interested in living than in
>>> staying alive, but am restrained by social responsibilities. I have no
>>> problem about managing my risk, but with viral infection, we have to manage
>>> other people's risk.
>>> Steve
>>> On Tue, 12 May 2020 at 09:03, Diana G Maynard <
>>> email @ redacted> wrote:
>>>> well yes, none of us want to get it, and I encourage everyone to abide by
>>>> government guidelines and keep away from others etc. But I donb t believe
>>>> we are
>>>> at higher risk than the rest of the population (if web re fit and healthy)
>>>> so I
>>>> meant simply that I wouldnb t be worried *because* we have diabetes, as
>>>> many
>>>> are. Most healthy people here are not shielding but just taking sensible
>>>> precautions. But yes, up to everyone to decide on their level of risk. My
>>>> control and mental health would be far worse if I didnb t go out daily for
>>>> proper exercise and fresh air
>>>> Di
>>>> Sent from my iPad
>>>>> On 12 May 2020, at 02:26, michael <email @ redacted> wrote:
>>>>> o;?I would not go as far as to say there is no need to self isolate. My
>>>>> daughter and her BF had Covid (New Yorkers) and both said it was
>>>>> really rough. They are 30-somethings. Daisy issues her conclusion as
>>>>> a molecular biologist so she has some insight into how the virus
>>>>> works and what the effects on her body mean. She said it was
>>>>> difficult to walk up the stairs for about a week, and it took several
>>>>> weeks after recovery for her to regain most of her former stamina.
>>>>> This is a kid that runs 4 miles a day for fun so "quite healthy" to
>>>>> start.
>>>>> I agree, most of us will recover OK from covid but there is no need
>>>>> to invite it by not adhering to social-distancing guide-lines. I'm
>>>>> sure I would recover from the season flu if I got it but I still get
>>>>> vaccinated every year to avoid infection and possible complications.
>>>>> Your mileage may very as they say....
>>>>> Michael
>>>>>> If you only have T1D and no other conditions (and are under 70 and
>>>>>> generally
>>>>>> healthy), thereb_s really no need to self-isolate unless you know you
>>>>>> have a particularly bad reaction to viruses etc. So I wouldnb_t worry
>>>>>> too much. Di
>>>>>>> On 7 May 2020, at 16:30, Ruth Gibbins
>>>>>> <email @ redacted> wrote:
>>>>>>> Hi Gema,
>>>>>>> Ib_ve been asking the same question! Ib_ve got Type 1, yes but
>>>>>> nothing else.
>>>>>> My
>>>>>>> husband and I both self isolated early March before the lockdown. I
>>>>>> was
>>>>>> unsure
>>>>>>> whether I should or not, but my hubby bless him is terrified that I
>>>>>> will get
>>>>>> it
>>>>>>> and die, and if he went out to the shops he would bring the virus
>>>>>> home, so
>>>>>> for a
>>>>>>> while we lived on what we had.
>>>>>>> Web_ve now got a local veg shop from 7 miles away delivering veg
>>>>>> locally once
>>>>>> a
>>>>>>> week. (we live in the Herefordshire countryside with only one local
>>>>>> post
>>>>>> office
>>>>>>> and general store 3 miles away.) Everything is washed on arrival in
>>>>>>> the porch and post is put into quarantine for 24hrs.
>>>>>>> Our neighbour is over 80 and also self isolating. Web_ve been able
>>>>>> to get
>>>>>> just
>>>>>>> the 2 Tesco deliveries for us and her, after I stayed up until
>>>>>>> midnight three
>>>>>>> days a week with no result, then logging in every couple of hours
>>>>>> for the
>>>>>> rest
>>>>>>> of the week. I eventually found a slot at 6am. Fortunately we heard
>>>>>> that a
>>>>>> local
>>>>>>> garden centre had started doing a shop and collect service, so we
>>>>>> pay online
>>>>>> and
>>>>>>> they give us a time to arrive - itb_s a bit hit and miss as to
>>>>>> whether
>>>>>> theyb_ve
>>>>>>> got what we asked for, and itb_s expensive but itb_s better than
>>>>>>> nothing. My
>>>>>>> husband wonb_t go to the local shop- itb_s tiny and they donb_t
>>>>>> limit
>>>>>> customers.
>>>>>>> Ib_ve seen some type 1b_s posting online that they are still going
>>>>>> to work
>>>>>> etc,
>>>>>>> but I feel web_ve been a bit left out in the cold - should I have
>>>>>> locked
>>>>>> myself
>>>>>>> away for 2 1/2 months? Ib_ve been busy - very busy, making scrubs
>>>>>>> for health
>>>>>>> workers which has kept me occupied but that seems to be winding
>>>>>> down a bit
>>>>>> now.
>>>>>>> Ib_ve been out on my bike round the country lanes and out for walks
>>>>>> but Ib_ve
>>>>>> no
>>>>>>> idea what itb_s like in the outside world, in fact I wonder how
>>>>>> Ib_ll cope
>>>>>> going
>>>>>>> back out again- Ib_ve no idea if we should wear masks or not, or how
>>>>>>> I should behave around others. I havenb_t much confidence in what
>>>>>>> the government are telling us, or if indeed we are at higher risk.
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