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RE: [IPk] How vulnerable are we?

 The studies coming out seem to suggest that disease patterns amongst children
and young adults with diabetes are similar to those without, according to ISPAD.

 Partha Kar has also suggested that this is what they are seeing in UK data as

 This tends to suggest that of itself, type 1 diabetes doesn't present an
additional risk factor in COVID-19.

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Hi Gema,
  Ibve been asking the same question! Ibve got Type 1, yes but nothing else.
My husband and I both self isolated early March before the lockdown. I was
unsure whether I should or not, but my hubby bless him is terrified that I will
get it and die, and if he went out to the shops he would bring the virus home,
so for a while we lived on what we had.

  Webve now got a local veg shop from 7 miles away delivering veg locally once
a week. (we live in the Herefordshire countryside with only one local post
office and general store 3 miles away.) Everything is washed on arrival in the
porch and post is put into quarantine for 24hrs.

  Our neighbour is over 80 and also self isolating. Webve been able to get just
the 2 Tesco deliveries for us and her, after I stayed up until midnight three
days a week with no result, then logging in every couple of hours for the rest
of the week. I eventually found a slot at 6am. Fortunately we heard that a local
garden centre had started doing a shop and collect service, so we pay online and
they give us a time to arrive - itbs a bit hit and miss as to whether theybve
got what we asked for, and itbs expensive but itbs better than nothing. My
husband wonbt go to the local shop- itbs tiny and they donbt limit customers.

  Ibve seen some type 1bs posting online that they are still going to work
etc, but I feel webve been a bit left out in the cold - should I have locked
myself away for 2 1/2 months? Ibve been busy - very busy, making scrubs for
health workers which has kept me occupied but that seems to be winding down a
bit now.
 Ibve been out on my bike round the country lanes and out for walks but Ibve
no idea what itbs like in the outside world, in fact I wonder how Ibll cope
going back out again- Ibve no idea if we should wear masks or not, or how I
should behave around others. I havenbt much confidence in what the government
are telling us, or if indeed we are at higher risk.
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