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[IPk] RE: diabetes and the menopause

Hi Jen
I went through the menopause early, aged 29, after a total hysterectomy and
oopherectomy. I wasn't given HRT right away as I needed to let my body burn
off the residual endometriosis.
I know now that if I forget to use my HRT patch (should change twice per
week, Monday and Thursday but forget or take it off due to skin irritation
and forget to replace) my BG's do rise. Then it dawns on me why! So, yes, I
think like any stress of you body, menopause symptoms do cause BG's to rise.
If you continue to have problems, maybe you should see your GP to ask about
HRT tpo help you through. Or, see a homeopath aboput the natural
And, as I have found with having to be on steroids lately, you just go with
how much insulin your body needs. There is no 'maximum' as such. I was on a
TDD of less than 20 units and am now on between 30 and 40 just because I am
taking 0.5g of cortisone.

Good luck.

On 30 May 2011 15:45, Jeanette Garret <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Hi All,
 > Just a Quick Question, have any of you girls out there had any trouble
with the  > menopause affecting your diabetes control? Since I've started
having the dreaded
> terrible sweats and feeling chilly a lot, my levels have been in the 
> mid 20's and I've struggled to get them down.  I've checked all the 
> usual things.. checked and changed everything several times I even 
> changed the insulin thinking that my body heat may have affected it. I 
> even went for a day with hardly any carbs but still it didn't come 
> down much it's almost as if all my basal rates need adjusting again. 
> Think I may start from scratch and re do all the basal rates to see if 
> that makes any difference.
> Jen
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