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Re: [IPk] Israel trip

I haven't been to Israel but I've travelled all over the world (to much 
more remote destinations) and I wouldn't want to do a trip like that 
*without* a pump. Well I have done trips like that before I had a pump, 
and I've done trips like that with a pump, and I know which I'd choose! 
I can't even think why you'd be worried about the pump.

Hiking, hostelling, heat, dust, caves. None of these are going to cause 
a problem for the pump. People who live in hot dusty countries wear 
pumps. No reason why hiking, hostelling and caves would be problematic.
So I guess the question is: what *exactly* are you worried about with 
the pump? Israel has pumps (ask Nanette) and is pretty geared up in this 
respect. Same precautions apply as anywhere else, make sure you have 
plenty of spare supplies. if you're worried about the pump breaking and 
being too remotely located to get a new one to you in this event, take a 
spare loaner from the pump company (personally I wouldn't bother, but 
some people worry about this kind of thing).

My advice would be just go for it and have a great time!

On 29/05/2011 01:16, Iain Jenkins wrote:
> Hi,
 > A friend of mine is going on a field trip to israel, and I know there was
> discussion from people who live there a while back.  She wants to get in
 > contact with Israeli pump users so she can get some more info on the
> there whilst she stays.  Anyone who would be wiling to share info? contact me
> and I'll pass on her details.  Sounds like quite an adventure she'll be on!
> <quote>
> I could use the opinion of a fellow diabetic adventurer:  I received a
> scholarship this summer to attend a 6-week archaeological field school
> in Israel w/ the U. of Washington, at a site called Tel Dor. While I'm
> there, W&M gave me a grant to study Egyptian influence in
> Hellenistic tombs south of Jerusalem. Since it's going to be two months
> of hiking, hosteling, digging, heat, dust, and limestone burial caves,
> do you think wearing the pump would be a good idea?
> On the
> one hand, I like the flexibility and fine-tuning ability of the pump,
> and if I can climb mountains with it, then do you think the desert would
>   pose a problem?
> <end quote>
> Thanks in advance,
> With every good wish,
> Iain.
> T1 Essex, UK.
> minimed 515 pump
> Current A1C February 2011 5.7.
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