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Re: [IPk] insulin pumps at theme parks

 Thankyou for the detailed information, we're going to Thorpe park. Unable to
get through to them at the moment, only by email and rec'd standard response re
wheelchair disability etc.

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On 19 May 2011, at 13:47, "Jackie Jacombs" <email @ redacted> wrote:

> Hi Lynn
> Some parents have been able to get passes at some theme parks if you have
> type 1 but this is getting less common.  Also it isn't actually a "fast
> pass" you don't get on sooner than anyone else, but what they do is give you
> a time to return to that ride so you if you have a child with diabetes who
> goes hypo or needs to be fed or you have to remove that pump for the ride
> etc you don't have to queue in the heat and can come back when it's your
> time and they will let you straight on.  It's usually referred to as a Ride
> Access Pass.  Or sometime Exit pass.   
> A lot of places like Chessington World and related parks will only consider
> someone with a DLA letter and a letter from their GP or clinic saying that
> they cannot queue.
> Have you tried asking the parents on the UK CWD mailing list?  The vast
> majority of regular posters have children using pumps.
> http://www.childrenwithdiabetesuk.org/
> Legoland have said that the need a DLA letter and a note from the clinic and
> they will consider.
> Which theme park are you going to?   On some of the rides it may be
> necessary to remove the pump and therefore someone could be off their pump
> for some time if they are stuck in a 2 hour queue.  So you DSN might be able
> to include this in a letter.
> Pumps and theme park rides
> You need to make sure that the  pump is protected from the powerful magnets
> contained in most high level thrill rides.  Like the steep drop ones
> This is from Alton Towers
> "Thanks for getting in touch.
> All of our rides will generate some magnetic fields as we use large amounts
> of electricity but we do use very strong permanent magnets on Rita and
> thirteen. These two rides would create the strongest magnetic fields and I
> would suspect the pump will need to be removed on these. 
> Samuel Hall Alton Towers Resort
> Guest Services"
> Some people will tell you that they have taken their pumps to theme parks
> and dont take them off for any rides and have had no problems, but the
> bottom line is that you don't want the pump to be damaged or messed up.
> Kind regards
> Jackie J
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> Subject: [IPk] insulin pumps at theme parks
> Hi all,
> Been told by diabetic nurse that theme parks give you a fast pass if you are
> a
> pump user.
> Does anyone have experience of this?
> Lynn
> 13 year old son on accucheck pump for 6 months
> .
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