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Re: [IPk] RE: ip-uk-digest V4 #81

On 13/05/2011 21:19, Charkham wrote:
> Mark,
> Thanks so much for your thoughts on the pump.  I have just ordered the book
> you suggested through Amazon. I might well give you a ring after I have
> looked through the book which will hopefully arrive pretty soon. It's good
> to know that I am not unique with my difficulties,  I reckon even though my
> diabetic team reckoned I would be managing it within a couple of months, in
> the real world it's more like 6 months.  How many of you agree?
> Lynne Charkham
Hi Lynne
It really varies - some people feel like they've mastered it in a couple 
of weeks, some take a year or more! It depends what you mean by 
"managing it" also. If you mean that you've reached a point where your 
basals and boluses are all set up right and you know what you're doing, 
again, this really varies with the individual. If you just mean that you 
feel comfortable making changes and have no major problems, then this 
should be more like a couple of months than 6 months,l but again, 
everyone is different! I know people who felt brilliant from the first 
morning they woke up on the pump and some who wanted to throw it out of 
the window for the first year....
Personally I felt better within a couple of days, then went through some 
problems a couple of weeks in, but within a month I was pretty much on 
top of things.
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