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RE: [IPk] Skin Tac

Hi Karen

Thanks for this.  I did not know that.  I will ring Animas tomorrow. How do
 you know all the things Animas offer?

Do you also get the Connect-Detach infusion sets from Animas.  How have I
Hearing about these?  Were they discussed on the list?  I thought I read

Best wishes

Hi June

Don't you have an Animas pump? We get Skin Tacs "free" from Animas.. I just
order with our pump supplies when needed! As tip though, if using with the
Dexcom sensors, avoid getting skin-tac on the part where the sensor actually
inserts.. If you want me to send you some to try, let me know.

Also any Animas users out there.. we have switched to the Connect-Detach
infusion sets and they are fantastic! It's the smallest thinnest needle
ever, and leaves far less scar tissue or redness than the Comforts and we
are having better glucose levels too. Having the detach part separate from
the canula is great and allows for insertion in harder to reach areas.

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