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RE: [IPk] Dexcom

Hi Rachel

I went through all this a few years ago.  Then I seemed to have to go to the
USA with a prescription (I am not sure if I had to get this in USA taking
more time and money).  Once I had it, I could order but it seemed I had to
be that a goo few days before I would receive the CGM.  Then there was the
problem of supplies *AT were not acting as agent then) and this involved
haveing the supplies sent to someone I knew in America who would be willing
to post them on to me.  I may have some of this wrong but it seemed very

Do you have an Animas which can be upgraded to a Vibe or will you be getting
the Vibe soon?  If you are on a different pump you now have it easy and
everything is and I think will be from AT and can be got immediately.  They
allowed me to trial before I decided to buy and I found it worked for me
from the beginning, whereas I borrowed a Guardian from the hospital and
could not get this to read anything from my blood.  It was very
disappointing and unsatisfactory.


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So basically it would be wise to wait until the new one is out, which is
fine. Has anyone ever thought of getting it direct via the states as it
appears to be slightly cheaper ???? 


(That may have been a bad thing to say but if you don't ask.......)


If so I know the measurements are different so thats a bit of mathematical
work I would have to do but it was wild guess of my thought process.




Thank you to all those who replied it was greatly appreciated and am off to
hosp on Thurs for my 6mth check so will ask about funding (you never know)
even if it's for 1 sensor per month.


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