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Re: [IPk] Dexcom

Hi June

The cheapest UK source for Skin Tac wipes appears to be Transliving
(http://www.transliving.co.uk/transcare/index1.html and scroll down) .

Medical products websites that sell Skin Tac wipes appear to charge up
to #5 more per box, for some reason. You do get some um, "interesting"
reading material in the package if you order from Transliving (just

I offered to post you some to try as the smallest box of Skin Tac
wipes I've seen advertised contains 50 wipes and costs #12.39 from

Do contact me off list if you want me to post you a couple of Skin Tac
wipes to try.


On Monday, May 9, 2011, June Searle <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Hi Melissa
> I had not heard of Skin-Tac wipes and would love to try them.  Where can
> they be purchased.  If you say abroad, I will contact you off list before
> ordering.
> Yes, I forgot about Ibuprofen but I am unable to take those due to gastric
> problems.  After Karen's reply, I will speak to my GP tomorrow when I see
> him.  I had only though of asking at the clinic and nothing was forthcoming
> there, only the comment that he felt I had enough to cope with so no there
> would be no funding.  I still went ahead though as I feel it is better to
> have one and use it occasionally than to have no access to extra aid.
> It's good to hear from you and I hope you are well.
> June
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