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RE: [IPk] Dexcom

Hi David

I can't remember or find my records at this time.  Just give John a ring and
they will give you a quote.  I am not sure that I didn't purchase 1.5 years
ago and my memory is not what it was.  In any case I think you would be
silly to purchase the DexCom 7 as the new one is imminent.  Sorry.  If you
do want that one, contact me again when I have my new one as I shall not
require 2.


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How much was it, if you don't mind me asking?

David Hales

On 8 May 2011, at 18:48, "June Searle" <email @ redacted> wrote:

> Hi Rachel
> I too have a DexCom and purchased it last October.  What Caroline has said
> is an excellent guide to my experiences also so I can add very little
> I am self-funding for the whole technology and therefore find that I
> afford to wear it all the time.  Generally I can get almost 3 weeks out of
> one sensor and I hate to turn it off though I do find it gets less
> with time.  I then leave it for a few weeks before using another expensive
> sensor.
> Are you aware that DexCom are bringing out their latest version which is
> supposed to be more accurate and which can be attached to the new Animas
> Vibe machine.  This, I think, is still awaiting the CE mark which I
> it had achieved last month.  AT originally told me they did not know how
> this would be marketed, ie from AT or Animas but I am expecting to contact
> them again soon to get more supplies and find out the latest information.
> have just updated to the Animas 2020 which they have promised to further
> update when the Vibe/DexCom is available.  I understand the new sensors
> be cheaper than the present ones so I may be able to wear it more.
> I have found the DexCom has given me a lot of information I was not aware
> of, eg exactly how low I do go at night and enabled me to make further
> corrections to my basals.  I am also using it to try to find a way to
> spikes after meals and am having some success with this.  I am finding
> larger boluses kick in quicker and avoid so many corrections and I have
> confidence to do things this way.  
> The only cons I know are that it sometimes get s little itchy and also
> is difficulty keeping it attached as time goes by.  In addition, I have
> to change my pain medicine from Paracetamol as this seems to have a
> somehow with the DexCom and then produce weird results.
> Do ask me if you have further questions but I think it is very definitely
> worth the money.
> June
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> Subject: [IPk] Dexcom
> I went to a wedding yesterday and saw someone using a Dexom, I was
> absolutely amazed by it and what it can do to help gain very good control.
> I know some of you use one, but I forgot to ask some ?'s
> 1.       How much do they cost (my hosp I know won't give me one as I've
> asked several times)
> 2.       How often would i use it, presumably once I've got more of an
> of what my blood sugars are doing, then I only use it once a month ?
> 3.       Are they actually worth it
> 4.       Pro's 
> 5.       Cons ( at the mo after seeing one in action, and the amount of
> testing I did at the wedding I can't think of any !!)
> Look forward to hearing from you all
> Rachel x
> .

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