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[IPk] Dexcom

Date: Sun, 8 May 2011 13:23:46 +0100
From: "Rachel Hale" <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IPk] Dexcom

I went to a wedding yesterday and saw someone using a Dexom, I was
absolutely amazed by it and what it can do to help gain very good control.
I know some of you use one, but I forgot to ask some ?'s

1.       How much do they cost (my hosp I know won't give me one as I've
asked several times)

2.       How often would i use it, presumably once I've got more of an idea
of what my blood sugars are doing, then I only use it once a month ?

3.       Are they actually worth it

4.       Pro's 

5.       Cons ( at the mo after seeing one in action, and the amount of
testing I did at the wedding I can't think of any !!)

Look forward to hearing from you all


Rachel x

Hi Rachel

I would definitely recommend the DexcomSevenPlus..my daughter has worn one
for about 4 years now. In response to your questions:

1. For cost, you will need to contact John Hughes at Advanced Therapeutics
(tel 01926494222) or go on the website
. You should be able to get funding for one sensor a month (as this is
pretty standard). You could try contact your PCT directly or via your GP if
your hospital isn't helpful. There is the initial layout and then the
sensors themselves. As a point of note, a sensor is only meant to last 7
days, but generally we get between 11 to 18 days per sensor.

2. We use it all the time, though some people do not. If you can afford it,
you would want to use it pretty continuously, although even using one sensor
a month would be brilliant.

3.& 4 . YES, YES and YES. They definitely are worth it...basically you know
what your blood glucose is at all times. They do for the most part, track
very well and accurately and cope well with fast drops and rises..within

You have the immediate benefit of knowing your glucose levels for minute to
minute management but the added benefit of seeing patterns, so improving
basals and advanced proactive management of glucose levels rather than just
reactive. Overall you will get better control and reduction in Hba1c
..within a year you should drop at least one whole % point..

* less testing
* less worries and stress
* better sleep ( the  alarms are loud)
* Less hypos, 
* Quicker reactions to hypos, 
* Less need to take glucose if running low (but not hypo) if you can see
that you bgs are steady... so this enables a reduction in A1c.. 
* less highs and duration of highs..as able to see if bgs are rising and
therefore ability react quicker and bolus
* knowledge of impact of different foods.. eg..saying when glucose start to
rise (and fall) after a meal..and of course better management of those
tricky ones like Chinese and      Pizza - therefore the freedom to even try
out new foods.
* better management and knowledge of impact of exercise and any other forms
of activity.
* better management when ill or say after a flu jab or during time of stress
* Alarms for hypos, sharp rises and falls.
* Less site changes when not needed 
* ability to download all the data and analyze
* Great for things like long flights or car journeys..
* ability to test and correct basals

5. CONS:-  one more thing stuck in you and to carry around.

If you do get one Rachel, I am happy to tell you the few tricks we have
learnt for keeping the sensors going etc. Feel free to contact me off list.

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