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Re: [IPk] pump clinic

That makes sense. But I'm already seen by a great consultant, who knows 
enough about pumps and has lots of people on them. I don't see a DSN as 
I have no need. This new pump clinic is at a different hospital so it 
seems unlikely that it would replace my existing one entirely.  I don't 
have a need for any additional clinic as far as I can tell as my needs 
are all covered already. But maybe I'll ask next time they ring for an 
appointment to be given the details of whoever's running it, then I can 
find out more. I certainly don't want to switch to another consultant as 
I'm very happy with the one I have. And the hospital is much more 
convenient for me.

On 06/05/11 12:22, email @ redacted wrote:
> Hi
>   I attend a special pump clinic where I am seen by the usual consultant and
 > diabetes nurse and the pump rep is always there too. Apart from being asked
 > in to my GP nurse for interim checks I dont go to my consultant any other
 > You might find that once you have been to one it will replace your usual
> Barbara
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> From: Diana Maynard<email @ redacted>
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> Date: Fri, 06 May 2011 11:47:19
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> Subject: [IPk] pump clinic
> Hi folks
> I know there are a few people on here who are based in Sheffield. Has
> anyone else heard about a new pump clinic at the Northern General
> Hospital? I got a phone call this morning trying to book me for an
> appointment. I explained that I'm seen at the Hallamshire and the
> receptionist said this was a new clinic being started up specifically
> for pumpers in Sheffield. Turns out I can't go anyway as it's next week
> and I'm away.
> But I'm wondering what the point of it is and whether it's worth me
> going next time (she said the next one would be next month). Does anyone
> else attend a specific pump clinic in addition to their regular
> appointment with the consultant and if so, what happens? The
> receptionist, when I asked for more info, just said "I'm not a medical
> person, it will be in relation to your diabetes". Very helpful....
> I can't see what I would gain from going (especially as it's difficult
> for me to get to the NGH - involves 2 buses and about an hour of travel
> time each way so takes up a whole morning or afternoon).
> Di
> .
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