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RE: [IPk] Exam Stress/ management

I have had Diabetes type 1 for 21 years and never let it get in my way. There
are things that I have never been able to do but I have never liked my
diabetes to define me although Diabetes type 1 can be regarded as a
disabillity due to the dependance of the need for insulin and it's not so much
the need for it but the correct administration of it by the user and to name
some job examples that are considered no's - truck driving and machinery work.
I do feel slightly awkward at work at the mo in the fact that I do look after
myself and attend regular hospital appointments but have to use my holidays
for these appointments. Last year I lost a week's holidays because of this.

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> Subject: RE: [IPk] Exam Stress/ management
> Date: Thu, 5 May 2011 20:06:02 +0100
> I have to say that if I only had diabetes to manage other than a multiple
> other medical conditions, I'd be rather relieved!
> Some of this discussion comes across to me as though diabetes is the
> characteristic of a person.
> I have lived with this darn disease for well over 30 years and I definitely
> not take it lightly, but in no way does it define me or has it ever made me
> demand special conditions during exams, as a lecturer/researcher or various
> other jobs I have held down both while being single or married and as a
> I'm no super-woman, in fact bit of a crock-woman, but my take on life is,
> is the hand I've been dealt with, accept it, manage as best as you can,
> whenever you can (and that helps me enormously) and if I need space to sort
> out a problem, then I will ensure I have it or take it - if need be.
> I have this fear that if we make a "career" out of being diabetic (I'm
> exaggerating for effect here! <G>), then we are in danger of being
> marginalised, ruled out of even more career options than at present,
> as not only living with a chronic disease, but being significantly
> Some of us with complications are disabled, but even then I don't want to
> put into the "does he take sugar?" category.
> This is only my take on it, but Your Mileage May Vary (YMMV) as the old
> goes.
> Rhoda (now returning to the woodwork where I lurk <G>)
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