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Re: [IPk] Exam Stress/ management

On 01/05/2011 09:27, email @ redacted wrote:
 > Yes nanette children teach you far more than you teach them if you're
> to listen
> I do feel for karen caring for a baby with type 1 as she has though
 > The issue of how much independence you can allow when it is a life and death
> matter must be agonising
>   I lost a child as have others on this list- like her i couldn't be cavalier
> about their life-saving treatment
> Christine

Yep - having a child with diabetes (or any long term illness) is tough, 
having a baby with it is even harder (and oddly, quite similar to having 
a pet with diabetes, that can't tell you when it's hypo or high, and 
that it's almost impossible to make eat glucose if it doesn't want to!). 
I may not be a parent but I have a godson with diabetes (dx-ed age 3 or 
so), lots of nieces and nephews and many friends with young children, 
some of whom have diabetes. And as a parent you will always make 
mistakes or wish you'd done things differently, and you will always have 
disagreements with your child about too much/too little control over 
their lives....
I don't think anyone's talking about being "cavalier about life saving 
treatment", but as with everything, some parents will be more hands-on 
than others. All part of life's rich tapestry and no one is right or wrong.
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