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[IPk] Re: Ketones/ bleeding

this is very much a YMMV thing as far as solutions go.
I personally haven't given myself insulin by injection since starting 
pumping 10 and a half years ago. I have always found it possible to use the 
pump to give more insulin. I can probably count on my fingers (I only have 
the usual number!!) the number of truly failed sets in that time. I find 
that almost always the reason for high BG is peculiar metabolic things or 
reactions to food or stress due to travel or excitement or minor subclinical 
infections or anything but the set, and it passes without changing the set, 
though on occasion very persistent chasing of the high BG with frequent 
measurement is required.
Don't forget that once you get above the threshold for excretion of glucose 
in urine, your BG measurement is really an underestimate of the effective 
true level, and so you may need to take more insulin than the pump will 
calculate in order to bring BG down to normal levels.
One thing puzzles me about your story - even had you stayed at work, 
wouldn't you have been aware that BG was sky high and tested, and if 
necessary changed the set there. While hypo awareness is of course a major 
safety issue for driving etc, cultivating an awareness of hyperglycaemia is 
also important.
> Subject: Re: [IPk] Ketones/ bleeding
> Marc,
> Here is a bit of very simple advice whenever you get high bgs. Give 
> yourself
> an injection rather than struggle with a possible dodgy set. The set  can 
> be
> sorted out later. If your bg is rising it is important to give yourself 
> some
> insulin, and you can be reasonably sure of getting it with an injection. 
> This
> should be a safe guard to prevent you from going ketotic. Get the insulin 
> in
> first and then you can change your set afterwards if need be. If my  bg is
> heading towards 15 when I know it shouldn't be, I will grab the  syringe 
> and
> then sort out the set.
> Cheers,
> Ken
> In a message dated 26/05/2008 20:10:12 E. Africa Standard Time,
> email @ redacted writes:
> Panic  over I think.
> Inserts in to abdomen as usual, and the first 5 from the  box were fine.
> I'll call Medtronic tomorrow and see.  BM down to 22  and falling, so a
> narrow escape!  Meanwhile I'll revert to Sils as I  get mixed supplies
> depending on site.  I've been incredibly  lucky.  Had to come home from 
> work
> early for another reason so was  having my dinner BM check 2 hours early.
> Another 2 hours without insulin  does not bear thinking  about!
> Thanks,
> Marc
>>  ------Original  Message------
>> From: Marc Taylor
>> Sender:  email @ redacted
>> To: Insulin Pumper
>> ReplyTo:  email @ redacted
>> Subject: [IPk] Ketones/ bleeding
>>  Sent: May 26, 2008 17:35
>> Hi,
>> Help.  BM  24.7.  Ketones 1.1 (out of the blue).  Lots of blood from 
>> insert
>> site suddenly (4th time in as many days - the blood not the  ketones). 
>> Any
>> ideas?
>> Thanks,
>>  Marc
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