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[IPk] basals / help please

Hi Beth
 I'm certainly no expert and have not been pumping as long as most people on
this list. It looks to me like you need to increase your basal from at least
midnight if not maybe 11pm I would put it up to 0.5 and see if that works then
up a bit more if it doesnt work. When does the 0.8 basal kick in? I would be
inclined to leave it at 0.5 right through to morning as the 0.8 looks as if it
starts too late and is just combatting the high to bring it down for the
morning? I dont think you can work on the morning basals until you have the
night time ones stable as they will affect each other. It is important to not
change to many things at one time as you cant tell whats having an effect.
Do you think you need more insulin in the morning to combat dawn phonomenon?
 Try not to get to dispondent it takes a while and three months is nothing in
time! Just keep going it will be worth it in the end.
Take care
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