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Re: [IPk] was cortisone injections - slightly off-topic to Stuart!

Hi Hilly

It sounds to me like you need referrals to an orthopaedic surgeon and
a rheumatologist to sort out an exact diagnosis and the best
treatment. If you can't open a packet of crisps I can imagine that
vital daily tasks like getting dressed can't be easy either. You don't
need to be disabled before you get a referral to a specialist!

Not to steal Stuart's thunder, just jumping in as I've had surgery for
carpal tunnel on both hands: cortisone eases the inflammation and can
really help with the symptoms, but the only cure for carpal tunnel
syndrome is surgery. It's not a bad surgery - can even be done
"keyhole" depending on your case - and the relief from carpal tunnel
symptoms is immediate. Most people need less than 2 weeks at home
after the surgery, followed by a few weeks of taking it easy. It's not
like you're laid up for months. The surgery has a 99%+ success rate.
If a specialist suggests you have the carpal tunnel surgery, I'd say
go for it!

As you say your symptoms don't really match carpal tunnel, it could be
you have another problem altogether. Potential usculoskeletal
complications of diabetes include things most of us have heard of
(frozen shoulder, Depuytren's contracture, carpal tunnel) and a number
of less common problems. Or you may have a joint/muscle problem that
is not related to diabetes and just needs proper care.

I hope you can get sorted soon. It's been almost 10 years but I still
remember almost crashing my car when I lost my grip on the steering

Type 1 15+ years; MiniMed pumper 7.5 years; Animas pumper 4+ years

On Mon, May 26, 2008 at 4:48 PM, Hilary Beattie
<email @ redacted> wrote:
> Hi Stuart,
> I was just wondering if the cortisone injections have helped you and if so
> how?
> I have been back and forth to the physio's for the past year with Carpel
> Tunnel in both hands and my right thumb particularly painful with the
 > "trigger" finger. Nothing has worked and there is quite abit of muscle
> in the right hand now as my thumb no longer bends at all - though if I catch
> it by accident I go white and am practically on the ceiling lol. I have been
> referred back to the GP to see if cortisone injections can help. One of the
> reasons Im asking how they are for you is that although my hands are fairly
> painful they are not so bad that I would consider even taking paracetemol.
> Most days it feels more like the pain associated with arthritis, although I
> was tested for that and was fine. Only occasionally does the pain match the
> symptoms given for Carpel Tunnel. Does the injection repair the carpel tunnel
> or is it purely used to alleviate pain?
> Although the pain is manageable dialy life is getting tricky as I cant do
> basic tasks and now cant even open, say, a bag of crisps due to the
> weakness...and I love my crisps :-)
> I havent met anyone with this complaint but would be greatful for any advice
> before I make my GP appointment to discuss the next step
> Thank you
> Hilly
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