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Re: [IPk] Moving to Glasgow - Cozmo concerns

Hi Jen,

My son uses a Cozmo. We have never had a problem with supplies (even when 
the company didn't have a pump rep).

The contact details you need are:
    John Hughes Tel: 01926 494222,
                              07775 642239

Supplies are usually sent out and received within 48 hours.

Hope that helps!

Kirsten, mum to Tim aged 6, dx Oct 2003, Cozmo Dec 2005

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> Mary,
> Thanks for the advice. Do you have a number for the pump clinic in 
> Glasgow, and
> the hours of operation? I have no problem giving them a call (I have cheap
> international calling on my cell phone).
> I already have a Cozmo, so, I called Cozmo (Smith's Medical) here in the 
> US a
> while back and they told me that there was absolutely no way to get 
> supplies in
> the UK for a Cozmo. I thought it sounded a little odd, so I googled Cozmo 
> and UK
> and found a distributer at the time (sometime last year). I talked to 
> Melissa
> Ford a few days later and she told me that the distributer that was 
> covering
> Cozmo in the UK was in a little hot water since they also covered another 
> pump
> and may not be a Cozmo distributer any more. I tried emailing someone 
> listed as
> a UK Cozmo distributer, but I never did get a reply. My only worry is that 
> in
> order to get the supplies (as the customer support at Cozmo USA told me) 
> is to
> have someone in the US get the supplies for me and then ship them to me. 
> If I
> have to do it that way the shipping costs could be a little high and it 
> will
> take a lot longer to get the supplies. One of the big pushes in literature 
> for
>  studying anywhere in the UK is that students are covered for health care, 
> so I
> was hoping to cancel my insurance here since I will not be covered by an
> employer and private insurance is costly. I have until December to have it 
> all
> sorted out, so we'll see.
> Thank you.
> Jen
> p.s. On a very positve note, I did get cleared of some health problems 
> that
> were threatening to hold me back. Now I'm just looking for the funds. :-)
> .
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