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Re: [IPk] Moving to Glasgow - Cozmo concerns

 Thanks for the advice. Do you have a number for the pump clinic in Glasgow, and
the hours of operation? I have no problem giving them a call (I have cheap
international calling on my cell phone).
 I already have a Cozmo, so, I called Cozmo (Smith's Medical) here in the US a
while back and they told me that there was absolutely no way to get supplies in
the UK for a Cozmo. I thought it sounded a little odd, so I googled Cozmo and UK
and found a distributer at the time (sometime last year). I talked to Melissa
Ford a few days later and she told me that the distributer that was covering
Cozmo in the UK was in a little hot water since they also covered another pump
and may not be a Cozmo distributer any more. I tried emailing someone listed as
a UK Cozmo distributer, but I never did get a reply. My only worry is that in
order to get the supplies (as the customer support at Cozmo USA told me) is to
have someone in the US get the supplies for me and then ship them to me. If I
have to do it that way the shipping costs could be a little high and it will
take a lot longer to get the supplies. One of the big pushes in literature for
  studying anywhere in the UK is that students are covered for health care, so I
was hoping to cancel my insurance here since I will not be covered by an
employer and private insurance is costly. I have until December to have it all
sorted out, so we'll see.
Thank you.
 p.s. On a very positve note, I did get cleared of some health problems that
were threatening to hold me back. Now I'm just looking for the funds. :-)
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