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Re: [IPk] Talk to parents about pumping

Of course they do but the information and concerns might be different for
children, things like using vests with a pocket between the shoulder blades
so a small child can't reach it easily, and it is more difficult for a small
child to wear it clipped to their clothes given the relative size of the
pump to the garment, it can be heavy for children's clothes so a pump belt
can be a fun accessory. Most adults don't bath every night or spend hours
messing about in paddling pools or on the beach.

2008/5/20 Diana Maynard <email @ redacted>:

> A lot of that is the same for adults and children though. In order not to
> make it too long, I'd focus primarily on the child-specific aspects (pump
> block, what to do at school, etc.) - sport, swimming, sleeping etc apply to
> everyone.
> Di
> Marisa wrote:
>> Hi Angie,
>> I would also include some things about the practicalities of where to put
>> the pump while sleeping or doing sport, taking it off for baths and
>> swimming, different ways of wearing it for small children, using the block
>> so that they can't accidentally give themselves insulin. Perhaps also
>> something about the flexibility that temporary basals can give you to
>> anticipate the effects of exercise or long car journeys and that sort of
>> thing, or different basal patterns for home and school days. I can
>> honestly
>> say that even after just a few weeks on the pump my 4 year old was eating
>> better, sleeping better, had more energy and less aches and pains and as
>> time goes on she just seems a different girl than she was 6 months ago.
>> Good luck!
>> Marisa
> .
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