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[IPk] Re: advice for forgotten bolus

Hi Clare, Di and Fiona,


I couldn't resist adding my tuppence worth here.  We forgot my son's
breakfast bolus on two occasions when he was still on injections (he
boluses after eating), and by mid-morning he was up around 20.  He would
normally have 7.5 units with the meal (about 1unit to 8g of carb), but
his sensitivity for corrections was 4mmol per unit, so he only required a
correction dose of 3.5 units to bring his BG back to normal.  I did
wonder about that, and asked his consultant at the next clinic - she
reminded me that there is only one part of him not working (the beta
cells!) but that all other bodily processes would have been working to
try and counteract the rising blood glucose, especially the kidneys
getting rid of some in his wee (that starts happening around 13mmol???)


So far we haven't forgotten any pump boluses, but it's bound to happen
- we always seem to be running late on school mornings!


Jackie (Mum to Owain, 7)
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