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Re: [IPk] Re hello/blisters

Hi Jackie
I can imagine how difficult it is finding sites, I struggle sometimes 
and I have plenty of fat in some areas! I'd give the Silhouette a go 
anyway, to me it definitely sounds like the problem is him lying on the 
site in the night. The silhouette also goes in at an angle which can be 
easier for those with little fat (make sure you get the ones with the 
short cannula though).
Worth experimenting with a couple anyway, you've got nothing to lose!

email @ redacted wrote:
> Hello Di,
> Thanks for your message.  I  was going back through the archives and
> quite a few people have had blistering (for some it seems to be an
> allergy, but as you say it looks more like pressure and friction to me). 
> The trouble is that he has a very small bottom with not much fat even
> there (if it was me there would be no problems of that kind!), so there
> are not many different sites to pick.  When he is in bed he sleeps in all
> directions - on his back, side, front, upside down sometimes!   I did
> look at the silhouette, but was put off by the diameter of the cannula -
> Owain used to wear an insuflon cannula (that he had his injections into)
> which was about that size (and 45 degree angle), and it left quite a
> large hole.  The difference was that he only had to change it every 5
> days, so there was time for the old ones to heal before going back to
> that site.  But, as you say, it does have a flatter profile and feels a
> bit less rigid, so I might ask for a few to experiment with.
> Thanks again,
> Jackie. 
> .
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