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Re: [IPk] Thyroid Problems

Hi All

I've been told that I've got under active thyroids, in fact they have spent
the last 20 years  swinging around so to speak...  Several years ago I was
prescribed thyroxin by one of my GP's...  But suffered the similar side
effects as Melisa so stopped taking them....

But what confuses me is that I don't show the classic signs of under active
thyroids...  I'm under weight and have been for a long time...  I tend to be
on the hyper active side! when I was first put on thyroxin my then manager
thought this would slow me down! Yes I do get tired, but I feel this is more
to do with my BG control...  If I'm running high or have suffered a couple of
hypo's it does knock out the stuffing...

I have had a word with my consultant concerning the thyroxin and troubles I
have taken it, as I was happy that my GP's answer was that I must take it and
he would prescribe anti-depressants to help with the side effects???  But at
the moment I'm what considered to be border-line so my consultant is happy for
me not to take them...  But will monitor etc...

But I also found in the past, that any swing that my thyroids have made seems
to reflect my BG control, when it's good my thyroids are good when they are
bad my thyroids are?  So I'm hoping that the pump will sort of shed some light
on this and put everything back, to a happy stage where it's felt that I won't
have to take thyroxin at all...  As I don't relish the idea of having to take
a handful of other tablets to counter react side effects..


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Just wondering, whats classsed as 'normal' range in USA levels? and are they
measured in the same increments?  A few years ago my T4 was 10, but the
'normal' range was 9 -19, so I wasnt given any thyroxine despite severe
tiredness as my TSH was 'normal' as well at 3.8.  Recently the 'normal range'
has gone up to 12-24 I've noticed on my notes, I am on thyroxine at present,
50mcg per day and my T4 is now 14, my TSH still 3.8, I feel better but not as
good as when it was 17.  Over the past few years my TSH has flucuated right
to 8.6, but my T4 was still 12 at this time, so I was not deemed as below
normal.  Is it normal for such big fluctuations?    cheers, mel

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