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[IPk] Hello

Hello June and everyone, This looks like a great site - just the sort of
support I've been looking for, so thanks June for recommending it!  I
have to admit I am not as web-literate as I should be, and I am feeling
my way with the browser version, having got my e-mail swamped with
messages initially!  I haven't a clue about my e-mail server so I hope
this message finds its way! I THINK I have also joined the Parents of
Pumpers section, so I will also try and access that discussion group too
if I can! I was hoping someone on here might be able to advise me - my 7
year old son has been using his insulin pump (Medtronic paradigm) for
about 5 weeks, he uses a quick-set infusion set sited on his bottom (only
viable place as he hasn't got a scrap of fat anywhere).  Each time we
change the set he has a ring of swollen skin corresponding to the inner
ring of the plastic disc that the cannula passes through (it isn't the
actual puncture site that is swollen).  We haven't been too concerned
until the other day when it was actually a ring of blisters (fluid
filled).  We did get it looked at to check it wasn't infected, and it
doesn't seem to be an allergic reaction, but our PDSN with experience of
pumps is currently on holiday so we are mystified.  Has anyone else
experienced this?  We are wondering if it could be pressure when he is
lying in bed at night (it is not positioned low enough for him to be
sitting on it during the day).  Any ideas would be much appreciated!
Thanks, Jackie.
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