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Re: [IPk] Consultant appointment

Hi Phil

Hopefully your DSN might have already spoken to your consultant about a

Have a print out of your BG results, colour if possible so that it highlights
hypo's/highs ect...  Have your reasons why you feel that a pump will help,
i.e, problems with hypo's how it is effecting your quality of life etc....

Gem up on the NICE guidelines, important if like me you need NHS funding...

I actually didn't wait for my consultant to bring up the notion of a pump (I
think I would still be waiting if I did that) I went straight for it....
Whether this is a good way off doing it or not, depends on how you feel the
consultant might react...  Sadly for me I had had a bit of mucking about
before and a wasted 6 months before I got a appointment (long story) so by the
time I met my consultant it was no holds barred so to speak...

When I start on my pump in a fortnight times ;-) it would have taken 18 months
to achieve, and quite a few hoops to jump along the way.....

So good luck for your appointment, keep calm and give as much info as you


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Hi all,

I'm just after a bit of advice re seeing the consultant at the end of this
week. This will be the first time I have seen him in 9 years of being
diagnosed and I'm still not sure if he will be the correct one who is pro
as I've been told the other 2 are rather 'old fashioned'.

My main question to you all is, what do I need to take with me etc,  as all I
normally take when I have my normal annual review is my meter!

I have been 'nagging' my DSN re trying a pump for ages now, have done the
course (hospitals own version of DAFNE) and hope I am now on the right track.


Phil Colclough

MDI Levemir + Novarapid
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