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Re: [IPk] Set placement

 when i had an accuchek pump i used the rapid d links which were great for hips
and i had no problems with kinking as the needle staysin plus they were really
easy to get in and as i find my hip fairly awkawrd to get at this was a huge
advantage however if your finding it painful then you may find the tenderlinks
better if your quite thin because they don't go as deep and i found e less
likely to pull out than the flex link.
  Your backside is also good to try assuming you can reach easily as most people
have sufficient fat there however try and get it fairly high up else you end up
sat on the thing which can be uncomfy. outer thigh is also quite good as there
tends to be enough fat there however you definately do not want to be using the
flexlink there as they are quite thick and rip out really easily so the thinner
the set the better (i would recommend tenderlink for thighs as its got loads of
adhesive so is harder to rip out and if it does then its not a needle you pull
just a cannula.

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Hi all,
Ive been on the spirit pump for 3 months. I'm having problems finding where
to place the sets though! On the front and sides of tummy is OK, but if I try
any higher I think I must be catching my ribs as twice the end has bent (using
the flexlink one) and had a blockage / no insulin.
Also tried several times on the side of hips where theres a softer bit. The
trouble again was bent ends causing an occlusion. Also find this area becomes
a little painful.

My problem is theres not much fat going on - so where else would be a good
place to try?


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for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe/change list versions,
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