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Re: [IPk] Talk to parents about pumping

Hi Angie,

I would also include some things about the practicalities of where to put
the pump while sleeping or doing sport, taking it off for baths and
swimming, different ways of wearing it for small children, using the block
so that they can't accidentally give themselves insulin. Perhaps also
something about the flexibility that temporary basals can give you to
anticipate the effects of exercise or long car journeys and that sort of
thing, or different basal patterns for home and school days. I can honestly
say that even after just a few weeks on the pump my 4 year old was eating
better, sleeping better, had more energy and less aches and pains and as
time goes on she just seems a different girl than she was 6 months ago.

Good luck!

2008/5/17 Angie Jewell <email @ redacted>:

> Hi all
> I have been asked by my hospital (West Suffolk at Bury St Edmunds) to do a
> short talk for parents of children with diabetes (at the bimonthly support
> group)entitled 'A parents perspective of having a child on an insulin
> pump'.
> The interesting thing is that Alice is currently only one of two paediatric
> pumpers, and they are keen to encourage more parents to opt for pumping,
> but
> they can't get anyone interested !!??!!
> They have asked therefore that it be positive (to encourage new pumpers)
> but
> realistic about the amount of work/commitment it involves.
> I have done graphs showing bg's before and after (same week, year apart)
> HBA1c changes
> Show people the pump/tubing/cannula itself
> Include a (more than passing) mention of CWD (small handout available)
> Number of blood tests
> The improvement on mood, energy etc
> Flexibility with food and activity - time and type
> The throw it out the window at 2/3 week phenomenon
> What else should I be including??
> suggestions gratefully received....
> Angie
> Mum to Alice 5, pumping 12/07
> .
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