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Re: [IPk] Help please thyroid problems

Hi Karen
All those symptoms sound like a too high thyroxine dosage for you - at 
least initially (the chest pain is quite rare though apparently). 
Because thyroxine dosage is a very individual thing, you generally start 
on a low dose and gradually work up to the dose that works best for you. 
I'd go back to your doc immediately and mention it. You probably need a 
lower dose, at least to start with.

See for example

Handy tip, if you experience odd symptoms with a new drug, google it and 
see what comes up. I googled "chest pain thyroxine" and got loads of hits.

email @ redacted wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> Just wondered if anyone could help me. 11 days ago at my annual review 
> I was told I had hypothyroidism and started on thyroxine 50mcg (only 
> symptoms I had were feeling very tired and constipation) after 3 days 
> of taking thyroxine I work up during night and had palpatations only 
> lasting a minute. Then during next few days bowels became normal and I 
> felt that my heart was like catching up with itself on occasions. I 
> was due to double dose of thyroxine this week, but yesterday woke up 
> ok but suddenly became very sweaty, clammy had awful chest pain with 
> both arms feeling like lead, so was taken to A/E by hubbie, I had lots 
> of blood tests, given aspirin 300mg and painkillers sent to MAU then 
> sent home later telling me I have not had heart attack! They said my 
> thyroxine levels are ok so just keep taking dose I take, and not to 
> increase it. I said what if it happens again they said ring 
> paramedics! Has anyone experienced similar problems and will they go 
> away if i stick with taking it. By the way my blood sugars was 9mmol 
> at 2am (always check because get up and check my son who is diabetic) 
> then 16mmol when this happened then 25mmol when I got to hospital. 
> Feel ok today but abit sore and frightened.
> Karen (Type 1 25yrs pumping 2 years
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> Sent: Monday, May 19, 2008 12:42 PM
> Subject: Re: [IPk] Advice for forgotten bolus - to Di & Fiona
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>> In theory no because you have no active insulin....
>> Say you normally have 1 unit for 10g carb  and 1 unit of insulin 
>> lowers your BG by 4 mmol/l.
>> If you start with a BG of 5 mmol/l and have 20g carb for breakfast 
>> and no insulin, your BG should rise by 8mmol/l, taking you to 13 mmol/l.
>> If you then take a correction dose of 2 units, your BG will then drop 
>> by 8 points back to 5 mmol/l. Which is the same as having taken 2 
>> units in the first place.
>> Normally, your BG would not be dropping down again from the 13 mmol/l 
>> without correction, if your basals are set right.
>> The only reason that your correction dose would be less than the 
>> missed insulin would be if you had active insulin still on board. But 
>> since you had no insulin with your breakfast, there is no active 
>> insulin.
>> Make sense?
>> Of course, some people's bodies work differently and don't do the 
>> expected thing. In my case, my BG always seems to rise higher than it 
>> should if I don't take any insulin with my food. In that case, I'd 
>> definitely want to use a correction bolus rather than the original 
>> missed bolus dose.
>> As always, this is just my personal suggestion!
>> Di
>> and you had 20g carb for breakfast,
>> Clare Price wrote:
>>> OK, but surely you are giving less insulin in the correction bolus 
>>> than you would have had for the carbs taken at breakfast (depending 
>>> on size of breakfast!) and wouldn't this then keep the BG level 
>>> higher than required?
>>> Clare
>>> On 19 May 2008, at 12:18, Diana Maynard wrote:
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