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RE: [IPk] customer service at medtronic moan!

Hi Flo

We have been lucky enough to have always had good customer service from
Medtronic except when there were problems with the hospital not passing on
details which has been the hospital's fault and not Medtronic

Here are some general tips which were suggested by John Hughes ( Advanced
Therapeutics UK )  which just might smooth out a few problems for some people,
whatever company they use.

  The following are some suggestions you may wish to use, as well as those
suggested by Di about taking down the name of the person you are speaking to.
Though haven't got an answer to Di's problems of the sets being not being
delivered to her place of work.

1        Make sure you know the name product you/another member of your family,
are using - this is on the outer box and the inner package and instruction
booklet in each package

2         Speak clearly - turn off/down the radio/stereo/TV if you have them on
and put barking dogs in another room and place screaming children away from the

3         provide clear instructions as to what you want - stating ..'can you
send me some more of my diabetic stuff/send me the needle thingies for my pump
etc is not helpful

4         If you have a name like John or Sue make sure you leave your surname
as we have (and I'm sure the other companies do also) have many Johns and sues
on our list

 5 Understand that other people may be trying to get through on the phone
at the same time so rather than you waiting listening to the phone ringing an
answer phone system is provided so you can leave your order-always leave a
contact 'phone number in case we cannot understand your message or need to
discuss something with you about your order

6         Do not leave it until you have used your last infusion set/cartridge
order 2-3 boxes at a time and when you open your last box place a new order
then - that way you have approx 1 months supplies in hand in case an error is

7         If you move house/home please let us know

 8 Goods have to be signed for on delivery so arrange to be in or tell us
where the goods can be delivered where the courier can get a delivery signature

9         Show a little understanding - sometimes human beings make genuine
errors  (see above!)


> Hi Loretta,
>  I do not post very often (if at all) to the list, but i thought I
> would answer
 > your Email as I really think that customer service is absolutely apoling!
> SBe warned, this is a big moan :-)!
>  I had my pump since August, and made 3 orders with Medtronic. I had problems
> with 2 of them. The first order was fine. When I placed my second
> order, somehow
> they lost the PCT confirmation about the fundings, so I got the supplies 1
> months after I first ordered them .... and after several phone call
> as they tend
> to forget you very quickly.
>  My last experience, last week, was also a bit of a disaster, and I am still
> very wounded up about it.
>  I placed the order. A few hours later, they left a message saying
> that I needed
> to call them back. I called them, and ..... they could not tell me
> what I needed
> to phone them. I received the order as planned, however I realised
> they took the
> order wrong and ended up with 7 boxes of the wrong stuff. I phoned
> them telling
> them that they needed to send me the correct items. they said they will come
> back to me in 20 min ... 48 hours after, no answer. So I phoned back
> .... and it
> was just like I have not phoned before. This time, I got a new guy,
> Rob, who was
 > very nice and friendly. As he had to check about procedures, he said he had
> ask someone else to phone me back. This "someone else" said that the
> driver will
> phone me to arrange a day and date for the delivery of the new items and the
> collection of the unwanted items. Nothing happened. i got the correct
> order, but
> I still have the wrong items as no one phoned me!
 > I think I will have to send the items back myself, it will be much easier. My
> worry is, will the PCT authorise my next order ?
>  I have been with them for less than a year, and as soon as I can change my
> pump, I will go to another supplier.
> hope this helps,
 > Does anyone know if it is possible to complain to the PCT about these kind of
> problems. I htink this is absolutely apoling.
> Thanks,
> Flo
> >
> > Dear All,
> >
> > I recently enquired at Medtronic about their CGMS and got no
> response.  Which
 > > put me off. However today I had an appointment with the Lead Consultant in
> my
> > Diabetic Care and we spoke about CGMS, I am still keen but I want to know.
> >      How is the customer care at Medtronic running.
> >
> > I know I sound like a bit of an Old Foggie, but my previous experience of
> > contacting Medtronic -didn't even qualify as care - i.e. no response
> >
> > I would be interested to hear other peoples views.
> >
> > Regard Loretta
> .

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