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Re: [IPk] Advice for forgotten bolus - to Di & Fiona

In theory no because you have no active insulin....

Say you normally have 1 unit for 10g carb  and 1 unit of insulin lowers 
your BG by 4 mmol/l.
If you start with a BG of 5 mmol/l and have 20g carb for breakfast and 
no insulin, your BG should rise by 8mmol/l, taking you to 13 mmol/l.
If you then take a correction dose of 2 units, your BG will then drop by 
8 points back to 5 mmol/l. Which is the same as having taken 2 units in 
the first place.

Normally, your BG would not be dropping down again from the 13 mmol/l 
without correction, if your basals are set right.

The only reason that your correction dose would be less than the missed 
insulin would be if you had active insulin still on board. But since you 
had no insulin with your breakfast, there is no active insulin.

Make sense?

Of course, some people's bodies work differently and don't do the 
expected thing. In my case, my BG always seems to rise higher than it 
should if I don't take any insulin with my food. In that case, I'd 
definitely want to use a correction bolus rather than the original 
missed bolus dose.

As always, this is just my personal suggestion!

and you had 20g carb for breakfast,

Clare Price wrote:
> OK, but surely you are giving less insulin in the correction bolus 
> than you would have had for the carbs taken at breakfast (depending on 
> size of breakfast!) and wouldn't this then keep the BG level higher 
> than required?
> Clare
> On 19 May 2008, at 12:18, Diana Maynard wrote:
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