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[IPk] Advice for forgotten bolus please

Hi all,

I knew I would do it sooner or later, I forgot to give my bolus at  
breakfast this morning!   I had my breakfast as normal (pre breakfast  
BG of 5.1), but just simply forgot to give my bolus insulin for it.   
So by 11am this morning my BG was 13.6!!

Wasn't sure what to do here, but tried to phone my DSN, but she was  
out.  Anyway, I have given myself a normal bolus amount on the  
assumption that my BG was normal (rather than at 13.6).  The   
complications being that the food was taken at 8am, and the bolus now  
given at 11am will be hanging around way longer than if I had taken  
it at 8am, so didn't want the pump to think I was having breakfast at  
11am and adding a correction bolus also to the calculation.

As the day progresses I may be able to make an assumption on whether  
I have acted correctly, but I just wondered if there was a procedure  
to follow if this happens again, or is it just a case of the usual  
diabetic way of things in making an educated (?!!) guess at times.

On a positive note however, isn't lovely that the pump can tell me  
straight away that I didn't bolus for breakfast, whereas on the old  
system of injections - "well, I can't remember, did I, or did I not  
have the injection?" (that scenario always left me in doubt).  Thank  
you pump for taking that worry away at least.

(Type 1 for 38 years, pumping 8 months, Paradigm 522)
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