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Re: [IPk] Apidra - Marian

 Hi Joel

 Thank you for your information, I am very interested to hear about your
experiences of Apidra and Novorapid.? At present I am taking Novorapid? - also
on MDI until I start my pump on 23rd June.? I also have spiking after meals and
find? that Novorapid seems to last longer than expected, also giving lows before
the next meal.? Can I ask if you know what sensitivity you have to insulin?? I
re-calculated mine yesterday, and 1 unit of insulin brings blood sugar down by

 Does anyone know what effects insulin sensitivity has on these two insulins,
and if one would be better than the other?

Many thanks
IDD 27 years



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Hi Marian:


I am due to start pumping in July, so I can't comment on how it behaves in a
pump, but I changed from Novorapid to Apidra on MDI.


I switched to try to reduce  post-meal spikes. I did find that Apidra seemed
to get going a bit quicker than Novorapid, although I suspect that the
difference is small. However, the big difference was in the duration of
action. Novorapid seemed to hang about for at least 5 h whereas I found that
with Apidra  I  could pretty well discount any remaining BOB by 3.5 h.  This
meant two big pluses. Firstly I get less spiking. Secondly, with little or
no BOB by 4 h I found it much easier to do corrections. Overall, I found it
a more predictable and easier insulin to use than Novorapid.  For this
reason, I plan to use it in the pump.


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