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Re: [IPk] thank you...

OhB I really do feel for you, you really do seem to be in the wars at the
I was off work for three weeks in total, I reckonB I could have gone back in
two, but my other half and my GP said no asB I could not be trusted to take
things easy, <sheepish grin>.
I was only wondering how you were getting on this morning asB I had to take
two Solpadol last night before bed because of my back. Then ended up missing a
hypo early this morning, thank goodness my other half (or should that be
better?) gave me a nudge and said "check your levels".
WhenB I had shingles my pain was all in my legs and lower back. my appetite
also dropped, butB I also find the Solpadol tablets make be a bit queasy so
don't always feel like eating if i have had some of those. I did find taking a
good quality multi-vitamin helped me a bit asB I wasn't eating much, I didn't
feel so tired.
I found a plain warm bath with 7-8 drops of Lavender essential oilB and 4
drops of Tea-Tree essential oil made me feel better, dont know if it was
psychological or not, butB I didn't care asB it worked for me.
I hope you are feeling better soon, an dtaht some of my waffle helps.
B Stuart Chadwick.

Diabetic T1 19 Years, Paradigm 715 user 1 year 4 months, Carelink user, and
occasional CGMS User.

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.. Stuart for the warnings about the Solpadol.B  Yes, it's difficult stuff
only eases rather than obliterates the pain.B  As for the constipation,
yet another trial.B  I've had two major hypos in the last two days.B  The
one was in the middle of the night.B  I got out of bed, fell and bashed my
shoulder, so now can't lift anything and have a cracking bruise.B  The second
was yesterday afternoon.B  I eventually got help from my neighbours, who
the paramedics out, much to my distress, but they were right to do so.B  Not
only was my blood glucose only 2.1 after both liquid glucose and a glass of
milk, but my blood pressure was 115/65 and my temperature was so low that it
wouldn't read.B  The paramedic said the only reason he was prepared to agree
my request not to go to hospital was because I was so co-operative about
eating and had such good neighbours.B  They were all great, got me wrapped up
in my Russian thermals and two duvets, and agreed to let me stay at home.
Woke at 4 am with blood glucose at 16, but it was back to 7 within 2 hours,
and has been stable every since.
How long were you off work, Stuart?B  I've had a week now, but am still very
weak, in a lot of pain both on the skin and all the way through from my ribs
to my spine, and my appetite's dropped to nothing.
Cheers, Anne


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