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Re: [IPk] Apidra - Marian

Hi Marian:


I am due to start pumping in July, so I can't comment on how it behaves in a
pump, but I changed from Novorapid to Apidra on MDI.


I switched to try to reduce  post-meal spikes. I did find that Apidra seemed
to get going a bit quicker than Novorapid, although I suspect that the
difference is small. However, the big difference was in the duration of
action. Novorapid seemed to hang about for at least 5 h whereas I found that
with Apidra  I  could pretty well discount any remaining BOB by 3.5 h.  This
meant two big pluses. Firstly I get less spiking. Secondly, with little or
no BOB by 4 h I found it much easier to do corrections. Overall, I found it
a more predictable and easier insulin to use than Novorapid.  For this
reason, I plan to use it in the pump.


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