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Re: [IPk] Bubbles causing ketones

I can honestly say I have only ever had a bubble problem once in the year and
a half of pumping. I use the 7XX resevours and quicksets either the 23" or the
46" tubing lengths depending on whatB I am going to be up to.
I found the key is to make sure thatB the insulin is at room tempreture
(remove from fridge at least an hour before) and then I inject the same amount
as air as i need insulin, IB then turn the bottle upside down andB draw
insulin into the resivour, I then nock any bubbles to the top andB inject them
back into the vial and draw more insulin in to the resivour.
I know other people have differnt methods, susch as creating negitive presure
in the vial, or bubbleling the air through the insulin before drawing the
insulin in to the resivour.
It might be worthB getting your DSN to check your technique if you are having
this many problemswith bubbles.
B Stuart Chadwick.

Diabetic T1 19 Years, Paradigm 715 user 1 year 4 months, Carelink user, and
occasional CGMS User.

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Hi all,

I don't expect anyone to solve this problem, as until MedtronicB 
produce a pre-filled cartridge for their pumps, then bubbles areB 
going to be an issue with my pump.B  I have just had a BG reading ofB 
17.9 (4pm today) with no other reason than the fact that myB 
reservoir, on checking, has bubbles in it, and were also apparent inB 
the tubing, big time.

I have now primed them out and given myself a small correction bolus,B 
as not sure how much basal or bolus has gone through correctly forB 
the past few hours.B  Only time will tell and a BG reading thisB 
evening will tell me if I need any further insulin to compensate forB 
however many bubbles have gone through the tubing today.

OK this doesn't happen every day, but I had been doing so wellB 
recently and feeling so much better, then through no fault of my ownB 
I have ketones and feel awful.B  Will be hours now before the BG levelB 
goes down again.

Apologies, but I just wanted a moan, not every day is going to beB 
perfect, and today certainly isn't!!

Moan over, off now for another glass of water.

(type 1 for 38 years, pumping 8 months, Paradigm 522)
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